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Human Resource Management function | Human Resource Management homework help

Senior Seminar in Human Resource Development Week 5 Current Event Exercise
The purpose of the HR current event exercise is to analyze the student’s articulation of key HR activities associated with any current HR event/policy or one of the Unit 5 ULOs.

Each student is required to develop an 8-10 slide Power Point Presentation using APA format (Title Page, Running Header/Titles and Reference page with references properly cited in the body of the presentation). The presentation will summarize an HR business case of your chosen HR current event or ULO. The current event can be from the news, the employee’s organization, or other current event. The presentation must clearly articulate how the Human Resource Management function of an organization positively contributes to organizational outcomes. The final presentation slide is required to include all references in APA format.
Unit Learning Objectives

ULO#1: Explain how employees’ needs and expectations may change with age and family patterns
ULO#2: Understand some of the diversity management issues that should be considered before recruiting and employing a workforce
ULO#3: Explain how HR managers avoid litigation (legal action) in discrimination of a workforce
ULO#4: Compare and contrast the job expectations for employees of different demographic groups

Requirements: Looking for a more in-depth guide with all the details.

You can choose one of the ULO’s which is attached to base the power point on. Thanks for the help in this matter.


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