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Policy making process | Health & Medical homework help

Reforming the Affordable Care Act

The paper should be about four pages minimum– not counting any title page, abstract, or references. You may choose to provide “a fix” for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (also known as the ACA or Obamacare), or you may propose a general replacement for the ACA.

You should likely focus on one or two broad policies (due to the short length of the paper). You may look at what others have proposed and incorporate their thoughts into your writing with appropriate attribution and citation.

Use APA 7 style for citations.

You should have at least four sections:

An Introduction – explaining what you are proposing in general terms which should include identifying the problem you are attempting to address with your fix or replacement.
Your Proposal – this is the details of your proposal – although, in 4 to 6 pages, you likely can’t be as detailed as you would like to be.
Difficulties you see in getting your proposal through the policymaking process as we have discussed it in this class and as it is outlined in the textbook.
A Conclusion – don’t just leave me hanging. Tie everything together here and tell me again why you feel your proposal is worthwhile and what the difficulties might be.


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