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“Systems” theory | Social Science homework help

Gero 101 Case Study on the SOC and Ecological Models


1. Which activities you think she could modify in order to keep doing them, and how?

2. Based on her living conditions (e.g. physical and social resources, impact and pain of OA, and level of disability), what steps in the SOC model, do you think she is likely to use, why?

3. First, how much “fit” (balance between competence and press), do you think she currently has? Does she “fit” in some ways and not others? How?

4. Using “systems” theory (four layers of context), where do you think resources are need (what level) to help her better age-in-place?

Note: The SOC steps are: selection, optimization, and compensation; and for these questions and answers, I am also looking to see that you cite from the article by Cignac, Cott, and Badley’s (2002).

Note: the four layers of context are: 1) personal-individual resources and abilities, 2) small-group/relationships with other people (e.g. friends, family), 3) social-network in community and neighborhood; and 4) social-cultural factors—services, systems, policies. And, in this section, I am also looking to see that you cite the article by Greenfield (2011).

Introduction: I still want you to try and explain (as best you can), why these three theories (SOC, Competence-Press, and Systems Theory) are useful in studying the daily lives of older adults. At this point, I’m less concerned about you trying to define each. But, you still need to mention and describe what you will be doing in your essay.

Conclusion: What else do you think might be missing, or what else can/should be done for her? What might these models be overlooking in finding solutions or ways to help maintain her independence and quality of life?



APA Basics (typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, with one-inch margins on all sides) with APA style in-text citations and references (for two articles and the textbook, if you want to use that, too). A cover page is not needed.

Possible Deductions:

2 points for lack of proper format for citations and references (APA style)

1.5 points (10%) for late papers

1.5 points (10%) for not working with both articles (citing text and using statements).

1 point each for lack of evidence in your answers (from the articles and case study).


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