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“Aspects of Archaeology Pottery” | Art/Design homework help

History of Art

1. Watch the 2 videos below about the discovery of King Tut’s tomb and of a lesser known King Narmer through artifacts left behind from the ancient world. Identify and describe the different reasons why each king was was considered important and what they accomplished during their rule. Please comment on why you think King Narmer was lesser known and what made King Tut the most famous of all the Egyptian pharaohs.


2. Read from attached pictures ( I have numbered them in the top left cornere)read about the people of the Paleolithic Period and why the invention of pottery is normally associated with Neolithic Cultures. Then watch the video below “Aspects of Archaeology Pottery” and discuss the different things that can be learned from studying these ancient relics of past civilizations.

Please list what you feel is the most important thing that can be learned from studying ancient pottery and what you feel it reveals about it’s creators. When responding to others be sure to comment on any similarities you might share in your opinions or differences between them.


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