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Create a workout program design | Health homework help

Workout Program
Length: 4-5 pages double spaced, times new roman font 12

Make sure to cite your sources and include a bibliography- format is up to you for citations
Yes, you will need outside sources including scholarly journals, but can also use the additional readings on to support your program..

Make sure to support your choices with facts and citations.


Create a workout program design for the client described below. Choose different workouts for different days (for example running for cardio but practicing yoga for stress relief and flexibility on a different day). Make sure to include the details- for example instead of saying “strength training” provide details like the specific exercises, or the style of training (an example might be rucking).

What benefits does the person get from each component of the plan? These can be physical, psychological, or even something like “time spent walking after dinner with husband gives client the benefits of time spent bonding and fostering a healthy marriage.”

The project should be 4-5 pages, and as always please cite your soucres, and include academic sources to back up your claims on how specific exercises benefit your client.

The Client: A recent college graduate has just earned his/ her first job, and is now juggling commuting 4-5 miles in a city by public transportation, to an office with 10 stories. He/ she has about 45 minutes for lunch most days. The of the work day varies, but is generally 8:30-5:30. The office has many young employees and the “culture” is to go to happyhour twice a week, making it hard to fit in exercise those days.

Client has no health issues outside of recent back pain, likely due to his now sedentary lifestyle.

(whatever format you prefer for citations is fine).


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