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Osteopathic physician

|] Answer the questions no less than 250 words, no copy and paste, no plagiarismQt of his life, ascertained that Ms. Cardwell was a mature young woman, mentally capable of providing consent for herself, and verbally took her consent to perform treatment. After having this treatment done, she experienced severe back pain and was eventually admitted to the hospital. Her parents then decided to sue Bechtol, claiming that he had not obtained their consent to treat their daughter.

Ms. Cardwell was only 5 months away from her 18th birthday, so it’s not as if she was an incompetent child. Her parents also allowed her to go visit her primary physician alone, on the same day that she visited Bechtol. The primary physician did not obtain consent from the parents prior to seeing Ms. Cardwell, but they did not have an issue with that. Bechtol explained to Ms. Cardwell what he was going to do to help treat her, but he did not go into detail about the possible side effects or risks that may arise from his treatment. He did not disclose this because any risks involved are very minimal, and therefore do not warrant much explanation. Ms. Cardwell was considered mature for age by all those familiar with her, mentally capable of making her own decisions, and only 5 months away from being a legal adult. Bechtol probably could have explained his treatment and risks of that treatment a bit more, but over all he followed proper procedure. Perhaps if he was not blind, he could have seen that she looked young, but he judged her on how well she spoke and acted, and deemed that she was of mature age and of sound reasoning.


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