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Community Safety and Social Policy | Health & Medical homework help

Community Safety and Social Policy

You will select 3 groups or individuals in the community who are at particular risk to fire in their home.

For each group, you will consider:-

1) The nature of the risk;

2) The underlying and root causes of the problem;

3) Propose immediate, longer term and political solutions bearing in mind any financial restrictions that may be pertinent within your country or region.

** Relate the paper to cause of suffocating more than fire itself.

** who is most vulnerable to this risk? (elders of age 65 and above, children , etc.)

** Smoking in bed rooms, old furniture’s, etc.

** mention statistics? what is the percentage of the deaths the past year?

** Talk about UK standards of fire and safety for residential equipment’s.(like furniture’s must not be very old, etc).

** elders and children doesn’t have enough knowledge and must be educated.

** Total Word Count = 1500 words.

** In-text citation and References using Harvard Style.


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