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Community policing | Criminology homework help

Police agencies

A minimum of 1,000 words(total assignment) and threescholarly sources. The references does not count towards the word count!!

If you ONLY do the minimum word count, then it is considered “average” work, which is a “C”; therefore, it is best to make sure you cover the topics well and not just do enough to meet the minimum number of words.

1. You are the police chief of a jurisdiction in a state that recently passed a law in response to concerns about possible racial profiling that requires police agencies to document the race and/or ethnicity of both pedestrians and vehicle occupants stopped for any reason. You know from the experience of other police agencies that the data will almost certainly indicate disproportionate stops of minorities. Prepare a press release that explains why you expect disproportionality in the data, and what you intend to do to distinguish inappropriate discrimination from disproportionality expected from legitimate deployment practices.

2.What range of interventions exists under the auspices of the approach to reducing youth gang violence called “lever pulling”?

3.What is meant by a crime-specific strategy? Of the types of specificity that are suggested, which might have the greatest import?

4.What is the role of community policing specialists in a Compstat approach to crime control? Should the role include leadership in initiating problem-oriented interventions?


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