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Collecting customer data | Marketing homework help

Read the article on Big Data and Ethics



Look at the scandal surrounding Facebook and Cambridge Analytica
Look at how customers are reacting to arguments around privacy on the Internet.

– Answer: Please answer these questions on Two papers font size 1.5. Also, please Provide resources.

1. How does the Facebook case will affect your work on Big Data Marketing?

2. What other relevant examples can you bring that will also affect your work on Big Data Marketing?

3. If your business needs to collect loads of consumer data, how can you do this in an ethical way?

4. What if customers do not want you to access their data, but your business depends on it?

5. In digital marketing you will make money by collecting customer data (i.e. targeted advertising, better product design), how will make money in the event of a regulation that prevents you from collecting customer data?


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