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Language Communities | Communication homework help

Language Communities

Language acquisition is the ability to understand and speak a new language. Learning words, phrases, and sentences allow us to more effectively interact with members of another culture. However, there are also nontraditional forms of language acquisition. For example, English majors learn terminology that economics majors are unfamiliar with and vice versa. The same idea can be applied to someone starting a new job or joining a sports team. In order to become a member of a community, one must learn the established “language.”

In this essay, you will examine how a specific group of people use verbal and nonverbal communication, distinguishing themselves from others. You will also explain the significance of preserving the “language” within this community and/or explore how one accesses the community you have chosen by adapting to the “language.”


¢ MLA Format

¢ 12-point, Times New Roman Font

¢ 4-6 pages


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