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Politics | Politics homework help

Election in Texas

essay of about 1200 words;

– include all the answers of the questions in paragraph;

How much does it cost to run for office in Texas?
How will you raise money? (read this handy info from the Texas Democratic Party before you violate any campaign finance laws: https://www.txdemocrats.org/act/run-for-office )
Name interest groups that will support/oppose you? Go to https://votesmart.org/interest-groups/TX/#.WXjT4oj… and identify two (2) interest groups that you think will support your campaign, and two (2) who will oppose your campaign. Explain why? (referring to your platform).
What’s your SLOGAN?
Design a campaign sign.
Which state or local newspaper, official, celebrity endorsements will you seek? Why?
How do you get out the vote? Given your issue stands, what voter groups do you need to target? (refer back to the district analyses documents on your current legislator’s homepage.


Please write about district 10 and write about the issue of health, education and environment an put the slogan and campaign after the work cited page. Thank you!


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