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Macro- and competitive environments | Management homework help

Macro environment

This assignment asks you to think critically about strategic and organizational issues that affect
Comcast. Start by reading this article https://hbr.org/2014/07/how-comcast- sets-its- customer-
service-reps- up-to- fail to understand an overview of the situation. Some of the questions within
the assignment will ask you to read specific additional materials, and you may find that you need
information beyond that provided to answer the questions.
Your answers should be in the form of paragraphs, and the assignment should not exceed 5
typed, double-spaced pages (excluding references section). You are expected to cite the provided
materials and any additional information you seek appropriately within the body of your paper
(in-text citations) and provide a references section (bibliography) at the end. All papers will be
run through the TurnItIn plagiarism checker, so take extra care to be sure you’re citing quotes
If formal writing is a struggle for you, this is an excellent opportunity to make use of our College
of Business Writing Tutor.
1. Strategy: Examine Comcast’s macro- and competitive environments.
a. Look over the industry survey report. Based on your reading and any additional
information you sought out, what are the three most critical factors in Comcast’s
macroenvironment? Explain.
b. Next, look over the relevant parts of Comcast’s 10-k report and any additional
information you feel you might need. Conduct a Porter’s Five Forces Analysis. Based on
your reading and analysis, what are the three most critical factors in Comcast’s
competitive environment? Explain.
2. Strategy: As Frances Frei suggests in the linked HBR article, the increasing competition in
the cable industry puts pressure on existing companies to change. Explain the nature of the
threats Comcast is now exposed to. How have these threats affected Comcast’s strategy?
3. HR/OB: Consider the motivations of Comcast Customer Service Representatives (One
helpful article: http://gizmodo.com/comcast-employees- spill-how- hellish-life- is-on- their-en-
1609671814, although others exist).
a. Describe the likely motivation level of these reps and identify whether their
motivation sources are intrinsic or extrinsic? Do you think this motivation level is
optimal? Why or why not?
b. Assume that Comcast also wants to overhaul its performance appraisal process. What
recommendations would you make to ensure that the process supports higher levels of
extrinsic and intrinsic employee motivation? Why do you expect these to be

4. Some companies use a team-based structure in customer-facing positions. If Comcast were to
implement a team-based structure in its customer service representatives, how do you think
they might do so effectively? Explain the pros and cons for Comcast of the team-based
structure you describe.

Due by 11:59pm on Friday, April 20th

MGMT 3123: Principles of Management
Critical Thinking Assignment (Comcast)


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