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Employees success | Human Resource Management homework help

Employees success

Mentoring for Success

An important role of a manager is being a mentor to others. Successful managers are those who enable others to reach their potential by providing opportunities for education and growth through inspiration, trust, and confidence. For an organization to be healthy and robust, employees need to feel successful and competent. It is a primary role of the manager to ensure their employees success

As you reflect on this program, consider the lessons you have learned for positive mentorship as a manager. In addition, remember that in order to help others improve you must continue to evolve and improve your skills as a manager.

To prepare for this Discussion, reflect on how your understanding of the responsibilities of a manager has evolved over the course of this program. What will you do to mentor and ensure the success of others?

Now answer and addresses the following:

Imagine you have been asked to mentor students coming into the Master of Science in Management program. What advice would you give them in order to help them be successful and get the most out of the program? What approach to studying or research did you use or develop as you went through the program that you would share with them?
Describe a time in your personal or professional life when someone has mentored you. Evaluate how this experience will impact how you, as a manager, will serve as a mentor to others?
In order to effectively mentor others, you must stay up to date on the evolving field of management. In the Resources for this week, there is a list of suggested management books that should be part of a successful manager’s library. In your own research and studies, what is a resource (or resources) that you believe every manager should have? Provide the complete reference. This can be an article, a book, a media piece—something that has strengthened and motivated you as a manager and will help with your ability to mentor others. What do you see as the value of this resource?


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