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Legal statutes relevant to clinical supervision | Health & Medical homework help

Counseling supervision

In counseling supervision, ethical behavior and decision-making is extremely important and required by different ethical codes and legal statutes. This assignment will bring awareness of the ethical codes and legal statutes that relate to clinical supervision and will assist in the process of ethical decision-making through critical thinking.
Locate and review the Approved Clinical Supervisor, the American Counseling Association, and National Board for Certified Counselors codes of ethics.
Research specific legal statutes relevant to clinical supervision in your state. ‘State of Nevada’
Create a 50- to 100-word scenario of a situation that includes 2 to 3 ethical and legal dilemmas.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper explaining the ethical and legal dilemmas.
Include the following:

Provide your ethical and legal dilemmas in a clinical supervision scenario.
Outline the specific ethical codes and legal statutes relevant to the situation.
Explain how the ethical codes and legal statutes apply in the situation.
Propose a specific plan of action for the clinical supervisor by citing applicable ethical codes to resolve the ethical and legal dilemmas.
Describe the role of the clinical supervisor in counselor development in this scenario.

Include a minimum of 2 sources.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

please make sure to spell check and correct typos, site the work within the body of text according to APA guidelines and list all reference.


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