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Design an operations system | Business homework help

Business operations

Prompt: Design an operations system for an athletic apparel manufacturer

o Requirements: A 1,250-word minimum, APA compliant paper that includes the following sections as a minimum:

A brief, introductory description of your hypothetical business
The approach you will use regarding globalization
How you will utilize forecasting in your operations
Define the culture you will want at your company and how you will structure your Human Resources system to achieve that culture
Define how you are going to develop a sustainable supply chain for your company
Explain how you will approach planning in your company and the methodology you will use.
Define how you will use lean operations in your company to reduce waste and improve productivity

Assessment: An essay or a portion of the final paper equal to 250 words, which is to be formatted into the following three sections:
1) Christian worldview regarding the course; Explain how your understanding of God’s creative process illustrated in Genesis 1:1 – 2:2 guided you in the development of the operations management system of your company.

2) biblical passages related to the course; and

3) comparison of secular and Christian perspectives related to the course.


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