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Social Media Marketing | Marketing homework help

Food and hospitality industry

Selected Issues Research Paper and Presentation

There are a number of specific issues surrounding the marketing of products, especially as it concerns the food and beverage industry. For this assignment you will select a specific issue from one of the topics provided below. You will complete a 5 to 7-page research paper on the topic. The paper will be submitted to me through the assignment. The details and specifics of the assignment are as described below.

General Information and Guidelines

Each student will choose a specific issue within one of the general topics assigned and prepare a report in narrative form. The general topics are provided as a guide within which you should select specific topics.

I am not looking for you to provide a summary of social media marketing. I am looking for you to identify a really specific, interesting and topical subject related to social media marketing and then tell me all about it. (For example, if one of the provided general topics was food safety and sanitation, you might choose to research and present on the public relations efforts of Chipotle to minimize the negative impact of their past food safety issues or their operational efforts to avoid further occurrences going forward.).

General Topics

You may select a specific issue within the following four general topics. The specific topic you select is subject to approval by the instructor.

1.Marketing Trends

2.Social Media Marketing

3.Local and Sustainable

4.Food Marketing and Distribution Ethics

Selected Issues Paper

A 5 to 7-page narrative, double spaced

A list of your sources in MLA format

Include a title page with the topic and your name

Selected Issues Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation approximately 15 to 20 minutes in length

Include voice-over narration where appropriate

Embedded exhibits and video where appropriate


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