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American cinema | Art/Design homework help

Film Journal | Representing American Cinema with One Film

Imagine that you are teaching International Cinema in a different country, and the U.S. is one of the countries you have to cover. Choose one English-language American movie and explain in complete sentences at least 3 reasons you chose it to represent all of American cinema, being clear about why those reasons are relevant to the task at hand. Then, explain at least 3 of its limitations as an example of American cinema, again being clear on why these limitations are relevant to the task at hand. Be sure to put the name of the movie in italics, state the year it came out and the person who directed it. 300 to 500 typed, double-spaced words, in PDF or DOC formats only.

For example:

“My choice for an American film would be Hell or High Water from 2016, directed by David Mackenzie.


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