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Focus on art work | Art/Design homework help

Formally analyze the content and compositional elements of an artwork from the of artwork
Select a single artwork to focus on. Direct comparisons of two or more artworks is not permitted.
The assignment must be in an essay format with an introduction, body and conclusion.
Most important in this assignment is to focus on an idea or critical element about the selected artwork (thesis statement), and support your thoughts with description of compositional elements (organization, line, color, light, space, etc.)**
Please note: Formal art analysis involves the detailed description of compositional elements in a work of art to support your ideas. Describe elements that support your argument as if the person reading the essay cannot see the work of art.
Consider (if relevant) some of the following as you look at your selected artwork: the gaze of the figure and where the viewer is located in relation to the work; how the philosophy of Humanism might affect the work; how religion or regional style affects the artwork; or what are the ways that artists move past the stylistic elements of the Renaissance.


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