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Operations management | Project management homework help

Purpose: This assignment students will apply the basic concepts of project management to improve organizational effectiveness within a chosen healthcare setting.

Instructions: Projects within the healthcare sector can be large or small involving one or more people. Depending on the project it can take days, months, or a year to complete.

As a project manager, you are appointed to implement and oversee a healthcare project for operations management in Palm Beach County (Refer to the Health Care Project Management Topics in Various Contexts Table below).

Choose one of the bulleted healthcare project examples from the list below.
As the project manager, use the key phases of project management as your guideline, and address the following areas below for the chosen project with specific details.
Who are the key participants?
What are the expected key outcomes and benefits of the project?
What are the resources needed?
Timeline for implementation?
What are possible risks associated with the project?
Assume that the project has an expected total duration of 25 days, but several optimistic employees feel that it can be completed in as little as 18 days, while others expect it to take nearly 40 days. Using program evaluations and review technique calculations, what is the project duration to be used in project Gantt charts and other tracking tools? (This is hypothetical for any of the projects)


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