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Electronic health records | Health Information Systems homework help

Describe in your research paper how to address the fragmentation of electronic health records and digital health systems to achieve seamless interoperability in emergency mental health care.

Generate a pre-recorded, 5-6 minutes in duration Ted Talk inspired presentation. Frame this Ted Talk presentation as an inspirational or awareness video that could be shown to either fellow clinicians, in order to advocate for change or suggest new strategies to address old problems. The essence of a Ted Talk video is to showcase an idea(s) in well- formed and concise fashion, using minimal amounts of slides and complementing textual information on the slides.

As recommended by the Tedx Speakers’ guide,
what makes a good idea for a talk?:
Like a good magazine article, your idea can be new or surprising, or challenge a belief your audience already has. Or it can be a great basic idea with a compelling new argument behind it. An idea isn’t just a story or a list of facts. A good idea takes evidence or observations and draws a larger conclusion (p. 2)

For more insights on how to generate a robust and effective Ted Talk-like presentation, please review the following PDF: https://storage.ted.com/tedx/manuals/tedxspeakerguide.pdf
Issue- Interoperability:

Issue Statement: “Addressing the Fragmentation of Digital Health Systems and Electronic Health Records to Achieve Seamless Interoperability in Emergency Mental Health Care”

Seamless interoperability between different digital health systems and electronic health records is essential for effective communication and coordination of care among emergency mental health professionals. Ensuring interoperability facilitates timely access to patient information and enhances care continuity.

6 slides, APA 7th Edition, speaker notes/ script, minimum 8 scholarly references
Slide 1- Title

Slide 2- Statement of the Issue ( /3)
-Present and describe the primary issue and pertinent secondary issues, if applicable, with great clarity and capture the audience’s attention.

Slide 3- Background and Significance ( /5)
– What are some relevant, evidence-informed information and/or details regarding the background and significance of your primary issue and pertinent secondary issues?
– What is the significance and why is it of importance within the specific chosen context?

Slide 4- Possible Solutions (/5)
– Based on the issue(s), background and significance, as well as other information presented, what are some potential possible/appropriate solutions?
– For the solutions presented, what are some anticipated benefits and challenges?
– What are some additional considerations for the solutions presented?

Slide 5- Recommendations ( /5)
– Based on the possible solutions presented, what are your recommendations to address the issues and why?
– How would you implement your solutions? (E.g., can discuss relevant guidelines, frameworks)
– What are some key and relevant stakeholders that are important to consider for your recommendations?

Slide 6- References
-Include refences for pictures used
Info to help with assignment:
Ontario Health offers patient health care information to pharmacies (e.g. laboratory results, dispensed medications, acute care data) through one of our two provincial clinical viewers (ConnectingOntario ClinicalViewer and ClinicalConnect) that are designated by region.


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