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Male vs Female Gaze | Art/Design homework help

This is an art history essay. Footnotes are included in the word count. Try to write within 1500 words. Write the essay sharply, and try to formulate paragraphs that engage the quotes and analyse deeply. Do consider finding some points from the reading provided by me.

1. Use the readings FROM THE COURSE as a point of departure for further research. After finding and reading at least three sources of your own, define a specific issue, question or problem raised by the image, and formulate a way to explore this issue/question/problem

2.Focus on female body, and issues related to the study of the female body. E.g Male vs Female Gaze, Body Politics, use of mirror as a extension of the body. Do refer to the readings provided to create valid and thoughtful points.

3) Write up this material in the form of an argument; the goals of your essay (what you are setting out to examine and why) should be explained at the start in the form of an introduction

4) In devising your argument, don’t forget that the visual aspects of the image should be central or at least addressed with care; in other words, your essay should include visual analysis of the image in question as an important part part of your evidence

4) Provide proper references (these should appear at the bottom of the page or at the end of the essay; NOT WITHIN THE TEXT) which substantiate your points and give credit to your sources.

5) Provide a select bibliography that includes only those sources you have actually used.


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