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Ad analysis | Marketing homework help

Choose an individual advertisement and analyze it drawing on the critical concepts discussed in class in readings and lectures. The ad must be recent—that is, no earlier than January 2023. It should not be an ad that we analyzed extensively in class (but it can be an ad referred to in class).

Your ad analysis can engage traditional advertising content, such as a television commercial during the Super Bowl or a non-traditional ad like user-generated content (e.g., a viral Stanley cup video), branded content (e.g., minifilms), product placement in a film or television show, influencer marketing

Address the following questions in your analysis:

Consider the context: where and how does the ad appear? Your analysis should also offer a brief description of the ad.

What is the role of image, text and/or sound in the ad?

What is the role of the audience? Is the ad targeted at a particular audience? How?

How is the commodity fetishized—that is, how does it enter the “magic” system?

What are the ideological messages in the ad, both implicit and explicit (draw on your work in semiotics and signs and refer to the lecture slides on Feb. 7th)? Consider this question in terms of gender, race, class, sexuality, nation, authenticity, etc. (you may find appeals to more than one category in the ad).

What is the “story” of the brand that gets told through the ad?


Your essay should have a thesis statement and clear supporting arguments that draw on course readings and outside sources and make clear and direct references to the ad (see below for a list of recommended sources for examining the ideological content of your ad). Your analysis should consult two to three sources, one of which should come from the course readings, and one which should be scholarly.

Remember: this is a critical analysis of advertising not an evaluation of a marketing campaign and whether it is successful or not.


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