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Social media platforms | Marketing homework help

Create a mock company and build a social media strategy for that company

You need to define your brand, describe your company, the target demographics, the company goals, social media goals, and the marketing budget. Describe what type of content you are going to be posting to social media and explain why it would appeal to your target audience. Explain what social media platforms you’ll use, what days/times you’ll be posting, and why. Knowing when and where to post will require research. Cite your sources!
You are required to use a minimum of 5 references to support your decisions.
Takeaways: Whatever decisions you make for your company, you need to explain why in your paper!

Include these at the end of your paper (i.e. after your writing) and explain why the piece of content you created makes sense for your company.
A great free resource for helping you create your content is Canva.com.
Create an editorial calendar.
Add the mock content you just created. Don’t forget to add the whole thing i.e. caption, text, photo etc.
Remember, this shows when (days and times) and where (which platform(s)) your content would be posted.
You need a minimum of two social media platforms chosen.
Decide if the content is going to be shared across platforms. If so, you need to take into account the vehicle limitations, i.e. character limits in Twitter, inability to include URLs on Instagram etc.


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