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Cyber threats (physical, digital, and future) | Information Systems homework help

Write a Masters-degree level research paper (At least 10 pages double spaced) that focuses on creating an incident response and disaster recovery plan for a large to mid-size company or government entity (for example, a hypothetical healthcare or telecommunications entity or State or local government – you can use one of the ones you might have already previously created). Describe potential and actual cyber threats (physical, digital, and future), mitigation strategies for each threat, recovery plans for data and equipment, and measures to prevent future incidents. Provide a summary paragraph at the end explaining why you are the company to hire!

In the “Types of Physical IT Breaches Can Occur in Any Typical Physical Environment” paper attached please do not use this sentence as this is incorrect in the paper. “Disasters and accidents are unintentional physical IT security threats and can be natural or artificial. The former comprises vulnerabilities like floods, hurricanes, cyclones, and earthquakes, while the latter includes events like electrical faults and fires (NCES, n.d.). ” which is located under Disasters and Accidents.


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