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Communication strategies | Criminology homework help

In this exercise you have been assigned as the lead detective. You must review the following scenario as well as look up the listed criminal statutes at Florida online statutes.
Statutes to be reviewed: F.S.S. 812.014 Grand Theft
Copy and Paste the link for the Statute: http://www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes/index.cfm?mode=View%20Statutes&SubMenu=1&App_mode=Display_Statute&Search_String=grand+theft&URL=0800-0899/0812/Sections/0812.014.html
Responding Officer Narrative:

On Monday 01/29/24, I responded to the area of East 6th Street and Magnolia Avenue, where he made contact with David Cuddy in reference to a report that his gold 2013 Chrysler Town & Country van, bearing Florida tag: EBW123, was stolen by an individual he only knew as “Ace.” Cuddy stated that he had met “Ace” within the last few weeks and that he allowed “Ace” to use the vehicle the previous day, for “Ace” to go to Walmart and spend time with his girlfriend. The only stipulation was that “Ace” return the vehicle in a reasonable time frame. Cuddy allowed “Ace” to have the vehicle on Sunday, 01/28/24, and filed the report after “Ace” hadn’t returned the vehicle on January 28, 2024. During the initial investigation, Cuddy signed an Affidavit of Prosecution for charges against “Ace” and stated he wished to pursue charges.

Ofc. J. Thurman

Follow up report #1

I contacted Cuddy on Jan 31, 2024, to follow up with him in reference to his report. Cuddy came to the police department and provided me with several text messages shared between him and “Ace,” during which “Ace” confirmed he was in possession of the vehicle and continually made statements that he would return the vehicle soon and provided false locations where Cuddy’s vehicle was located in the local area.

Follow up report #2

On Feb. 04, 2024, DeFuniak Springs Police Department contacted our agency to advise that their agency recovered the vehicle stolen in this case. Cpl. L. Span took the report and ensured the vehicle was removed from FCIC/NCIC. The vehicle was impounded by DSPD to be recovered by Cuddy. Upon returning to work Monday, February 06, 2024, I contacted DSPD and spoke with Det. White provided me with information that Leslie Cohen was located in the passenger seat of the vehicle, which was parked at a motel in their city. The DSPD report stated that Cohen was not legally in possession of the vehicle as she did not have the keys, and they were not in the vehicle. Cohen was arrested on an oustanding warrant out of Bay County and was being extradited back this afternoon. I will make contact with her at the Bay County Jail to conduct an interview regarding this incident.

****ALSO SEE FILE IN MODULE FOR PHOTOS: they are attached*

There are 3 Parts to this assignment this is the first. The second part will be the Mock Interview Oral Competency portion that will take place in Module 9. The third part will be a critique and feedback discussion board in Module 10.

I. Rubric For Written Plan (5 points)

You are to prepare a line of 10 to 15 questions to conduct an interview with the witness Ms. Leslie Cohen. You will want to obtain as much information in your line of questioning to help in identifying the perpetrator as well as meet the elements of the offenses you believe were committed.

Written Plan: (5 points) should consist of an Outline Addressing the following Questions and uploaded in the submission area in Module

What initial steps will you take to build rapport with the witness? (.5) pts

What are the legal consideration in this situation? Ethical considerations? 1 pts

What oral communication strategies do you plan to use during the interview? 1 pts

How will you present yourself professionally during the interview? (.5) pts

What are the five most important items you need to determine during the interview and what 10-15 questions do you plan to ask to elicit the information? 2 pts


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