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Informative Speech–Historical Perspective | Communication homework help

Informative Speech–Historical Perspective Unit (80 pts)
Each student will choose a historical human rights activist; identify one of their speeches; research the historical context and significance of both speaker and speech; connect it to one of the aspects of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR); briefly analyze elements of the speech; and give a 5-minute presentation on their findings.

Assignment Parameters
1. Each presentation will be 5 minutes long (4 is the minimum with 5 minutes as maximum).
2. Each will have a clearly defined beginning/middle/end with transitional sentences.
3. Each presentation will include the specific aspects of introductions and conclusions.
4. Each presentation must verbally cite at least 3 sources
One will be the chosen speech, with the other two supporting research for your speaker. (One must be a scholarly journal).
5. Include orally spoken excerpt/s from chosen speech–an except being defined as more than 4 sentences.
6. Discuss the connection between your speaker/speech and how it intersects with the UDHR.
7. MLA formatted breakdown/outline and works cited.


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