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“Hit the Wall” | English homework help

This video tells you how to successfully complete this concept and gives more information about what a theatre production concept is:

This is a project that will combine your ability to read and analyze plays as well as your understanding of directorial and design concepts (look back to Chapters 8 and 9 in your textbook if you’re not sure what I’m talking about).

For this assignment you will select one of the three scriipts attached to this assignment: Pipeline by Dominique Morrisseau, Hit the Wall by Ike Holter, Eurydice by Sara Ruhl. You will read the scriipt and, as if you are the director for a production of this play, come up with a concept for your production.

To show me your concept, you will need to fill out the worksheet that is attached to this assignment. The worksheet has places for you to write as well as places for you to insert images that could be used to inspire the designers that would be working with you as a director. I’ve included an example of a completed worksheet so you can see what I’m looking for.
The pictures you include on your worksheet aren’t meant to be renderings or sketches of the exact designs you are visualizing, nor should they be photos of any previous productions of these scriipts. Your pictures should be something that would inspire a designer and help them understand your directorial concept for the show. The pictures can demonstrate color, texture, line, or any other design element that helps show your concept. If you have done any research into the time period that the play is set in (or the time period you are setting your concept in), feel free to include pictures that document that research. All pictures must be cited properly by including the URL that each picture can be found at. See the example I included if you’re not sure about what I mean.

Since you will be choosing one of these scriipts and do not have to read all three of them, I want to share some information about each scriipt and playwright to help you make your decision.

Pipeline by Dominique Morisseau tells the story of a single mother, Nya, who is a teacher in an unnamed public high school in a large, unnamed American city. Her son Omari is in private school, but has just been suspended for physically attacking a teacher. This play examines the public education system, policing, and family dynamics. There is some cursing in this play as well as some descriiptions of violence. Of the three plays you can choose from this one uses the least amount of slang, and is meant to be performed in the style of selective realism. This play was written in 2017.

Hit the Wall by Ike Holter is a fictional re-telling of the Stonewall riots, which kicked of the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States in the late 1960s. Although this is a work of fiction that imagines what happened when the Stonewall Riots began, it is based on some first person accounts of the events. The play focuses on some of the regular customers of the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City. This play includes very stylized violence, slang that was (and is) common in LGTBQIA+2 communities, and police violence. Also a rock band. The style of this play is selective/magical realism and it may because it uses so much slang, it may be difficult to understand if English is not your first language. This play was written in 2013 and is set in 1969.

Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl is a modern retelling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. It borrows elements of ancient Greek theatre and adjusts them to modern day. For example, Eurydice is taken to the underworld in an elevator, and there is a Greek chorus (like in Medea) but each member of the chorus is a rock. The character of Hades in this play attacks Eurydice, and some people do interpret this attack as an act of sexual violence, so if you choose this play, please note that that is a part of it. It’s hard to describe what style this play is meant to be performed as – it’s almost surrealism or expressionism, but the acting would still be realistic/Stanislavsky style. There is lots of room for creative interpretation in the design elements of this play, but the plot is not always linear or straightforward. This play was written in 2003 and is not set in any specific time period.


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