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Moral theories | Psychology homework help

In a section titled “Theories” identify between 1 and 3 moral theories you will use to build your compass (deontological, utilitarian, common good, virtue, etc.) along with a short, documented definition for each theory. The definition should be in your own words. As citations are NOT just for quotations, be sure to give your resources proper credit with citations.
In a section titled “Explanation” explain for each theory how it would help you make what you feel would be the right decision and in what situations (e.g. Using deontology at work to ensure the company’s policies are kept and its reputation is upheld; Using care ethics at home as a way to be equitable with the kids, etc.).
In a third section titled “Compass Applied” choose one topic from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics (under “Ethics Spotlight”) or another pressing ethical situation you or others you know are facing at the moment. It must be a legitimate moral conundrum like keeping a secret about a cheating spouse, cheating on a spouse or being an accessory to a crime. You can also pick a current event like the possibility of electing a convicted felon as president, busing illegal immigrants from Texas to other states without their permission, or passing laws that allow teens to work longer hours and in dangerous situations. Then using either Framework for Ethical Decision Making (Markkula or Brown), walk through the steps to make an ethical decision and justify what you decide is the moral action to take in this situation.


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