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Customer journey | Marketing homework help

What’s the difference between marketing funnel and customer journey?
This is a one-page only document very densely written and filled with facts, on the size of the market, market share, competitors, challenges, and opportunities. This is not a place for opinions or general copy. Be specific, be factual, research this market and this brand well before completing this document.
Much of the creative brief content should be accessible through the work you have already completed on the templates. For instance, the situational analysis is developed from your Theme Boards, SWOT, PEST, Decision Funnel and Journey Maps. Your Brand Positioning should be taken from your brand positioning grid and corresponding statement. You will develop 10 Reasons to Believe at the end of the document. The reasons to believe are the reasons someone would want to donate to the Grady Foundation for instance (assuming Grady is your client). These should all be fact-based and should represent the strongest reasons. Think of these as your advertising messages…because they usually are.


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