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Creating a policy analysis for a study | Law homework help

Compose a research paper outlining the steps involved in creating a policy analysis for a study.LAW AND MANAGEMENT – SOME POINTERS FOR THE COURSEWORK NEGLIGENCE / OLA 1957 & 1984

DO NOT USE SUBHEADINGS CLAIM, LAW, EVALUATION, OUTCOME – I can recognize the different sections. The more relevant cases/ statutory references you use – the better your answer will be. When mentioning a case – in the L section use Donoghue v Stevenson (1932) – i.e. name and date. In the E section you can just use the first name (Donoghue). Facts of cases do not need to be included unless you are making a point about the relevance of that particular case. This could be in L or E section.
Do not forget that OLAs relate to static duty owed and how that duty can be extended/ restricted – you still need to think about breach – (see negligence) and damage. Activity duty governed by common law negligence.
1)Cases / statutes do not have to be referenced, (i.e. you do not have to say where you found the case), please include an alphabetical case list and books used, in your bibliography.
2) Cases should be mentioned in the L section
There are 3 claimants, so deal with the
Claim – all together
Law – all together
Evaluation – Deal with them separately
Outcome – can be altogether.
You can indicate uncertainty if you are unsure about particular facts / but do come down on one side in your outcome.
O- should always be – it is suggested/ it is submitted – rather than being categorical about the conclusion you reach.


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