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Case study: “Supply Chain Management vs. Mother Nature” | Management homework help

Write a research paper that explains the Mother Nature Case Study vs. Supply Chain Management.. Read the attached case study: “Supply Chain Management vs. Mother Nature”.
2. Using the information presented in the case and the supporting data included in the Appendix,
provide answers to the following questions.
a) Consider Rapid Razor and Close Shave and the disruption they are facing. How do the supply
chains of both companies differ? What are the risk management strategies and tradeoffs
the companies have in their supply chains? Explain.
b) At first glance, based on the descriiption of the situation and the data available, which
company is better prepared for handling the disruption? Explain. What could both
companies do to lower the risk for future disruptions?
c) Assume it will take at least 2-3 days to find a new supplier. What operational decisions/steps
do you expect Rapid Razor and Close Shave to take to best resolve the crisis?
d) Close Shave lost their single supplier and must find a new one. They evaluate two possible
suppliers, one in Mexico and one in China. What are the tradeoffs between the new supplier


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