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Principles of Marketing for Nike Inc | Marketing homework help

Instructions for Module 6 Assignment on Principles of Marketing for Nike Inc.


Write a 500-word essay focusing on the development of the Marketing Strategy (Section 4) for Nike Inc. This includes delineating the Target Market Strategy and the Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).
Incorporation of Previous Feedback:

Create a cohesive document that integrates feedback from previous assignments, particularly:
A graphic SWOT analysis with bullet points for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
Use of the Marketing Plan Template with a table of contents, bolded subheadings, a cover page, and a reference page.
APA 7th edition formatting with double-spaced text.
Content Requirements:

Product: Elaborate on Nike Inc.’s product offerings, with a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. Reference the Nike Air Max 2024 as an example.
Price: Describe Nike’s pricing strategy, considering market share growth and brand positioning.
Place: Explain the distribution strategy that allows global market penetration and responsiveness to consumer trends.
Promotion: Outline promotional strategies aimed at brand awareness, particularly among Gen Z consumers, and increasing online sales.
Quality and Clarity:

Ensure the essay is comprehensive and insightful, as previous submissions have been praised for the quality of information.
Clearly convey strategies that align with Nike’s organizational objectives and marketing strategy objectives outlined in previous modules.

Cite sources appropriately using APA format. Include references from previous modules which consist of a mix of academic and industry-specific sources.
Submission Details:

The compiled document should follow the specified APA format and be submitted by the stated deadline.
General Instructions:

Proofread the document for clarity, coherence, and to avoid grammatical errors.
Address all points mentioned in the feedback from previous assignments to avoid losing marks on similar grounds.
Ensure that the essay is well-researched, demonstrating a deep understanding of Nike’s market positioning and future strategy.


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