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Police reforms | Sociology homework help

Imagine that you are a community activist in _____ (jurisdiction of your choice).
– What possible ways can you ascertain if police reform is something that needs to be addressed
in your jurisdiction? How can you determine if something needs to be done to “reform” local
police services?
– Suppose that the local police department has a history of civic / community complaints about
misuse or excessive use of force on citizens. What ways can you address this, and find out
more? What are some strategies your community activist group can engender community trust,
as well as work with the police department, to determine the severity and character of the
problem, if one exists?
– Is your plan to assess whether or not reform should occur, and what should be done, involving
the community as well as police leaders? Walk a fine line.
You can submit ideas of your choice in a format of your choice – written, audio visual, or other ideas.


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