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Religion | Religion homework help

Describe Judaism/Islam

1. Select a faith tradition from the provided list below to learn about and organize an in-person visit.
2. Before your visit, make sure to For Remote Students (Outside the Local Area):
do the following:
a. Reach out to a representative associated with the event or service you plan to attend.
Inquire about the feasibility of your visit, the schedule, the dress code, and any other
protocols. Conduct online research to set your expectations, and feel free to ask any
additional questions you may have.
b. If available, review any visit etiquette guidelines posted on the Moodle site, which are
primarily designed for field trips but may still be helpful.
c. Watch the documentary or series focusing on individuals or
communities within that tradition. The list of documentaries can be found below.
3. Attend the chosen service or event and take detailed notes on your observations.


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