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“What causes people to commit crimes?” | Criminology homework help

Write a paper discussing the essay topic, “What causes people to commit crimes?”In this assignment we want you to write an essay in which you apply 3 of the criminological theories that we have focused on over the last couple of weeks (Social Control/Bond Theory, Self-Control Theory, Rational Choice Theory, Classical Strain Theory, General Strain Theory, Differential Association Theory, Social Learning Theory, Social Disorganization Theory, and Labeling Theory) to your own observations regarding why you or someone else did/does or did not/does not engage in criminal behavior. So, for each of the three theories you want to do the following:

Demonstrate that you thoroughly understand the main ideas of the theory and that you can accurately define it and write about it IN YOUR OWN WORDS (do not just provide a definition from lecture, the textbook, or another source).
Discuss how the theory can be useful in explaining why you or someone else does or does not engage in a specific type of crime (focusing on present or past behavior is fine).
Make sure that you do each of the two things listed above for each of the three theories you have chosen. You will also want to include an introduction and a conclusion. If you are unsure what we want you to do in the paper, ask for clarification. Taking a stab in the dark can be risky.

Proofread your paper out loud. Then, have a friend or computer program proofread your paper. If using a program to proofread, evaluate its suggestions and make your own edits.

General Comments about Papers

Your paper should be 1200-1500 words long.

When drawing on course material please use in text citations. For lectures, just the date of the lecture is fine. For the textbook, just the author’s name and the page number is fine. For this assignment, I would discourage you from drawing on materials from outside of the course, as it is not necessary and may sidetrack your focus on the questions in the prompt. If you do choose to use outside sources, please cite them both in the text and on a separate references page using APA, ASA or MLA format. If you are unclear what this looks like you can find numerous examples and articles on the internet or check out the CU Writing Center. The reference page is not part of the assignment word count.

All assignments must be turned in as a microsoft word or pdf document.

Papers will be graded based on the following criteria:

Course Material (40%): How well have you demonstrated your understanding of the three theories.

Application of Course Material (40%): How well have you applied the theories to the individual behavior you have written about.

Writing and Style (20%): This includes quality of writing, grammar, overall presentation (was the paper proofread, etc.) and were the directions followed.

Please remember that the use of AI to generate ideas, create outlines, generate new text or change text that you have written is a type of plagiarism. If you have any questions about this or anything else related to expectations regarding the assignment, please do not hesitate to ask us.


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