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Military history | History homework help

Write a paper discussing which military tactic has proven to be the most successful in history.This essay is question 2 comprised in one essay that has two questions. Each essay can be no more than 1250 words. Please keep this very distilled, clear, and concise, and only use active voice. I am asking you to refine based on all of the feedback and rubric. The audience for this paper is a high executive who is intelligent but doesn’t have a great attention span, which means no fillers need to be added, and the sentences need to be short. The thesis is an exception because it needs to answer the question and align with all of the topic sentences. This is a draft that needs refining, specifically in making necessary changes based on the comments, providing depth of analysis, ensuring there is avoidance of repetition, it is coherently organized and achieving the highest passing standard (see written rubric attached). There is a list of citations that need to be used – This must follow the Chicago Style 17th Edition Endnote format only (no bibliography required.) No more than five citations should be used (unless needed). But please make sure you use the citations provided. Also, sorry I do not have a digital copy of some of the references. For this, please make the citation anyway, and I will go back and reference the page. Please perform a plagiarism and AI check with this to ensure there are no issues.


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