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Nursing Rules and Regulations | Nursing homework help

Compose a research paper outlining the nursing practice programme changeover.After reviewing your specific State Nurse Practice Act, State Board of Nursing Rules and Regulations, the AACN Essentials for Master’s in Nursing, and any other relevant state specific Laws and Regulations for Advanced Practice or Masters in Nursing, outline your specific transition to practice considerations for your state and your future role including steps you will take to meet those requirements. Consider your future role as an APRN, Nurse Educator or Nurse Leader. This paper needs to be 4-6 pages, following the APA style requirements for this course.

Your report should include the following:

-Licensing Requirements, including initial and ongoing licensing and education requirements
-Business and Professional Guidelines
-Standards and Guidelines for Nurse Practitioners
-Prescribing requirements for drugs and/or devices
-Authorizations for procedures
-Scope of Practice
-Ethical Considerations

Refer to:
AACN. (2011, March). The essentials of master’s education in nursing. American Association of Colleges of Nursing.
in your weeks resources for more information for writing this paper.


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