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Leadership | Leadership homework help

Write a three-page research paper outlining your leadership philosophy as a school counsellor and a brief reflection piece. Drawing on the content from this class, mainly using the Culturally Proficient
Leadership by Raymond D Terrell, Dan Alpert 2nd edition text, Cultural Proficiency a manual for school leaders 4th edition by Randall B. Lindsey and the systems thinking approach, consider how your multiple social identities
have played a role in your worldview as a leader and advocate for your future students. Address
how you’ll use your leadership skills to specifically address the need for advocacy in
consultation, collaboration, and supervision in K-12 schools. I need help with the structure of the paper and trying to connect it with the systems thinking approach I have included essays that talk about my ethnicity and everything I have also included the chapters we have discussed in class and a breakdown of the paper.


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