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Antibiotic use for sepsis in neonates and children | Health & Medical homework help

Write a two-page overview of antibiotics and the reasons for selecting each of the references.

the references:
1. Sartelli, M., Barie, P. S., Coccolini, F., Abbas, M., Abbo, L. M., Abdukhalilova, G. K., Abraham, Y., Abubakar, S., Abu-Zidan, F. M., Adebisi, Y. A., Adamou, H., Afandiyeva, G., Agastra, E., Alfouzan, W. A., Al-Hasan, M. N., Ali, S., Ali, S. M., Allaw, F., Allwell-Brown, G., . . . Catena, F. (2023, October 16). Ten golden rules for optimal antibiotic use in hospital settings: the WARNING call to action. World Journal of Emergency Surgery, 18(1). https://doi.org/10.1186/s13017-023-00518-3

2. Browne, A. J., Chipeta, M. G., Haines-Woodhouse, G., Kumaran, E. P. A., Hamadani, B. H. K., Zaraa, S., Henry, N. J., Deshpande, A., Reiner, R. C., Day, N. P. J., Lopez, A. D., Dunachie, S., Moore, C. E., Stergachis, A., Hay, S. I., & Dolecek, C. (2021, December). Global antibiotic consumption and usage in humans, 2000–18: a spatial modelling study. The Lancet Planetary Health, 5(12), e893–e904. https://doi.org/10.1016/s2542-5196(21)00280-1

3. Mitcheltree, M. J., Pisipati, A., Syroegin, E. A., Silvestre, K. J., Klepacki, D., Mason, J. D., Terwilliger, D. W., Testolin, G., Pote, A. R., Wu, K. J. Y., Ladley, R. P., Chatman, K., Mankin, A. S., Polikanov, Y. S., & Myers, A. G. (2021, October 27). A synthetic antibiotic class overcoming bacterial multidrug resistance. Nature, 599(7885), 507–512.

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9. Kilkkinen, A., Rissanen, H., Klaukka, T., Pukkala, E., Heliövaara, M., Huovinen, P., Männistö, S., Aromaa, A., & Knekt, P. (2008, August 25). Antibiotic use predicts an increased risk of cancer. International Journal of Cancer, 123(9), 2152–2155.

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13. Baron, R., Taye, M., der Vaart, I. B. V., Ujčič-Voortman, J., Szajewska, H., Seidell, J. C., & Verhoeff, A. (2020, June 27). The relationship of prenatal antibiotic exposure and infant antibiotic administration with childhood allergies: a systematic review. BMC Pediatrics, 20(1).


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