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Managing Local Government | Politics homework help

From the readings in Lone Star Politics Texas once hanged and then electrocuted capital murder offenders. In 1982 the State of Texas moved to lethal injection with an average cost of $2.3 million per offender until the sentence is carried out. According to the authors 71% in Texas support the death penalty and 60% support the death penalty in the United States.

Explain your position on lethal injection as a means of carrying out executions in Texas. Do you agree with it?

Why do you believe more Texans favor the death penalty than oppose it?
Please fully answer the question asked? the response answer the question in a logical and flowing method (i.e. is it well organized) to the reader. One book to reference chapter 5: Lone Star Politics Tradition transformation in Texas 6th edition Ken Collier/Steven Galatas/Julie Harrelson-Stephens Second book to reference chapter 7: Managing Local Government 18th Edition Kimberly L. Nelson/Carl W. Stenberg


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