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Religion | Religion homework help


For each paper, students must support their assertions with at least four scholarly citation for each prompt part. Be sure to avoid extended quotes. These citations must be in the current Turabian format. Each reply must incorporate at least two scholarly citation in the current Turabian format while avoiding extended quotes. Acceptable sources include textbooks and the Bible.
Please choose for this discussion Modern Judaism sufficient research must be done in order to demonstrate that you have addressed aspects specific to that option.
Modern Judaism
This prompt is in two parts:
1. Critique or evaluate an aspect of the worldview of a world religion. This is not an apologetic argument for Christianity but rather a critique of some aspect of the self-selected world religion’s worldview.
2. After critiquing the world religion, construct a short argument defending Christianity against an aspect of that world religion. You do not need to be comprehensive, but your argument must be coherent. You may bring up additional arguments in replies to classmates.


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