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Meeting’s leader or facilitator | Communication homework help

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Assignment 2 Effective Meetings NEW

Where is the meeting being conducted, and what is its purpose? Is the meeting focused on communications or problem solving, or is it a meeting with no specific agenda?

Is the meeting a regularly scheduled event, such as a monthly scheduled meeting or a meeting to address a specific matter?

Does the meeting have a set communication designed with relevant information to advance the meeting? Please explain.

Was the meeting opened with an announcement or explanation of its purpose and importance?

What was the communication style of the meeting’s leader or facilitator?

What were the leader’s bases of power? Select from a number of conceptual paradigms and elaborate on your selection.

Did the members or attendees have an opportunity to express opinions? Were they asked for suggestions, ideas, and information?

Did you recognize any conflict, disrespect, or tension among the members or attendees? If so, was the source of the conflict evident?

Did you observe the participants’ body language (such as posturing, positioning, or gesturing) when different topics were introduced? Describe it.

What was the intended outcome of the meeting? Was it achieved? Why or why not? What were the pivotal moments of the meeting which contributed to its success or failure?


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