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Top management impacts ethics within an organization | Management homework help

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Based on what you have read in the Griffin text, how would you define a manager? Can anyone be a manager? Why or why not?

MGMT 303 Week 1 DQ 2

Explain how top management impacts ethics within an organization.

MGMT 303 Week 1 Quiz

(TCO 1) Rajiv just completed a project in which he restructured sales territories, met with sales representatives to help them set goals, scheduled motivational meetings, and started a program of quarterly performance review for the sales force. His goals are to reduce waste and provide improved customer service. Rajiv is engaged in

(TCO 1) The purpose of planning and decision making is to

(TCO 1) Nicole is learning to fly an Army helicopter. She is drawing mainly on her ____ skills.

(TCO 2) A(n) ____ would come under the heading of the economic element of the general environment.

(TCO 2) Video teleconferencing impacts the number of business travelers who fly. This is an example of ____ to the airline industry.

(TCO 2) The culture of an organization is often established by the……..

(TCO 2) Many organizations now have units that monitor a host of magazines and newspapers looking for stories that may have an impact on the organization. These units are

(TCO 3) Which of the following is NOT an example of a situation in which a manager is likely to be called on to make an ethical decision regarding the relationship of the firm to the employee?

(TCO 3) According to the concept of managerial ethics, which of the following is NOT considered an economic agent?

(TCO 3) Because Coca-Cola distributes its products in Israel, several Arab nations have banned the product. Which general area of social responsibility is most affected by this product ban?

(TCO 2) List the five dimensions of the general environment and give an example of a force within each dimension that would affect a local car dealership.

(TCO 3) Describe an ethical dilemma you have faced (it can be as simple as admitting you were undercharged by a cashier). Illustrate how you applied the ethical decision framework (Figure 4.2) in making your final judgment of what to do.


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