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Public Relations Case Study | Communication homework help

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Individual Assignment Public Relations Case Study (BP) (2 Papers) NEW

This Tutorial contains 2 Papers

MKT 438 WEEK 2 Public Relations Case Study Resource: The Practice of Public Relations textbook, University Library, Internet
After reading the case study: BP’s Loose Lips Sink Credibility Ship (Chapter 1), please answer the following questions in a Word document.
How would you assess BP’s response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill? (Answer should be 90 to 175 words in length)
How could BP have prevented the damage done by its CEO spokesperson? (Answer should be 90 to 175 words in length.
Had you been advising (CEO Anthony) Hayward, what would you have suggested he say in response to the questions he was asked? Provide at least 3 specific examples (Answer will need to be 260 to 350 words in length).
Format your answers consistent with APA guidelines.


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