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Networking | Network communication homework help

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Quiz 5 NEW

1. (TCO 7) Which IE tab enables you to configure the web page that opens when the browser application starts?

2. (TCO 7) What term describes the sending of data, voice, and video over the same network?

3. (TCO 7) Which term describes traditional voice traffic going over the Internet?

4. (TCO 7) Jacqueline, the new technician, has a customer that connects to the Internet from his laptop and uses the cellular network because of the remote locations the customer must visit for his job. What technology is the customer using?

5. (TCO 7) The bottom layer of the OSI model is

6. (TCO 7) UTP, STP, and coax are associated with

7. (TCO 7) Which statement about the star topology is true?

8. (TCO 7) Star topology is most closely associated with

9. (TCO 7) In an Ethernet network, a(n) _____ data transmission is one that can transmit data in both directions at the same time.

10. (TCO 7) Which one of the following statements about fiber optic cable is true?


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