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Computer quiz | Computer Science homework help

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Quiz 4 NEW

1. (TCO 5) What does partitioning the hard drive mean?

2. (TCO 6) Which Windows XP utility can be used to delete unused files to reclaim some hard drive space?

3. (TCO 6) A hard drive platter typically has _____ surfaces and _____ read and write heads

4. (TCO 5) Which of the following is not a file extension for a purely audio file?

5. (TCO 5) For internal optical drives, what is the most common type of internal interface found today?

6. (TCO 6) In Windows, what diagnostic tool is used for troubleshooting multimedia devices and drivers?

7. (TCO 6) What term is used to describe the number of samples a sound card takes to create the reproduction of the original sound?

8. (TCO 5) The most common type of DVI connector used with flat panel monitors is the

9. (TCO 6) How many colors can a 24-bit video adapter display?

10. (TCO 6) After installing a new video card, the text is so large that some parts of the browser cannot be seen. What is the most likely problem?


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