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Worksite wellness employee interview | Health homework help

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Discussion Interview a Health and Wellness Professional NEW

Interview a Health and Wellness Professional. Select one of the following health and wellness professionals to interview:

• personal trainer

• certified wellness practitioner (CWP)

• physical therapist

• worksite wellness employee

• exercise leader

• exercise physiologist/specialist

• physical education teacher

• wellness promotion director

You may locate one of these professionals by checking your local hospital, health clinic, doctor’s offices, health department office, universities, or fitness facilities. Contact the individual through email or phone. Introduce yourself and explain that you are completing a class assignment for which you need to interview a health and wellness professional. Request an interview with the individual. Always be professional in your interactions with this individual. Schedule a time to interview the professional and ask the following questions:

• How long have you been working in this occupation?

• What is your educational background? Please include any information regarding associated certifications, licensing, or registrations.

• What is a typical day like for you?

• What do you feel are the most important aspects of an exercise program?

• What should every exercise program include and why?

• How is exercise important to a person’s overall wellness?

• How do you assess a client’s or patient’s fitness level and overall wellness?

• What is your personal philosophy regarding fitness and/or wellness?

• What is your opinion regarding role modeling? How are you a role model for your clients/patients?

• In addition, come up with two questions of your own to ask the professional.

Your discussion response should include the following:

• Identify the five components of a fitness program. Did the answers provided by your chosen professional highlight these components? Explain the importance of physical fitness to overall wellness.

• Give the name and title of the professional you interviewed, and provide the questions with complete answers from the interview.

Include at least two scholarly references that are correctly formatted in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center to help support your response.

Guided Response: Respond substantially to two classmates who interviewed a different health and wellness professional than you, by Day 7. Compare and contrast your interview answers to that of your classmate’s. What did you find out that you liked about their professional’s occupation? Is there a question you would have asked their professional that they did not ask? What did you find out that you did not like about the health and wellness field? Would you refer to their professional in the future


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