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Critical skills to success in a new venture | Organization behavior homework help

Identify the skills that are “critical to success” in a new venture you are contemplating or already own, (this refers to those you rated a “3” on the Team Needs Assessment).
Explain which of these skills are “very strong” for you personally (this refers to those you gave yourself a “3” on in the Team Needs Assessment), and which are not.
Identify 3 potential mentors or advisors who may be willing to help you with the specific skills or areas in which you are not very strong. Describe why each person would be helpful.
Evaluate the types of partners you may need to help sell your products or services.
Continue to Week 3 to complete Part 2 of the summative assessment, and submit both parts at the end of Week 3.


There are 2 parts to this summative assessment. You completed Part 1 in Week 2. Now it’s time to complete Part 2. “For information and directions on formatting your papers, refer to the pre-class formatting announcement and prior assignment feedback.”
Answer the following questions in 350 to 525 words:

Assess what you feel is your primary leadership style or styles. Based on the type of leadership roles you want to hold, assess which combination of styles will work best for you in your career.
Analyze what you can do to develop leadership styles that you desire but may not currently possess.
Compare functional, divisional, team, matrix, and network organizational structures. What are the similarities and differences? Determine which structure you would most like to work in.
Analyze what you can do to provide phenomenal customer service in an organization you would like to own or already own. Determine what kind of system to implement so that all your customers receive the same excellent customer service, regardless of who serves them.

Combine Part 1 and Part 2 in an APA formatted WORD document.


Submit your assignment.

Paper Format: APA


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