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Focus Write: Linguistic Strengths

Reflect: Use the Focus – Write ,a strategy to summarize and apply research for best practices of instruction.. (attached below) The Reading Teacher – 2022 – Dunham – Building on Linguistic Strengths Tenets of a Culturally Sustaining Teacher.pdf

Focus Write – Summary Strategy for Topics in Education and Literacy

Summarizing teaches students, teachers, and literacy leaders like you how to discern the most important ideas in a text, lecture, workshop, podcast and or video – and how to integrate the central ideas in a meaningful way. Graduate students often use the Focus Write for developing a review of literature for a thesis, dissertation, and professional publication. Curriculum leaders will use the Focus Write to summarize research-informed best practices for teaching innovation. For example, one district leader learned that their elementary school staff had no program for teaching reading fluency -one of the most important factors for developing comprehension and achievement on high-stakes tests.

The Florida Reading Association (now Florida Literacy Association) uses the Focus Write strategy in its publication, (Links to an external site.) CutingEdge2015.pdf (attached below) to summarize the findings of research for teachers so they could apply to their teaching practices.

Reflection/ Focus Write You will complete 1 reflection using the focus-write strategy to close read, reflect, respond, and apply best practices of culturally responsive literacy assessment and instruction gleaned from the research literature, professional organizations, national and state-level policies, and standards.

Use this Focus Write Template below to write the summary as well as using the CutingEdge2015.pdf that is attached as your example.

Source:Dunham, H., Murdter?Atkinson, J., Nash, B., & Wetzel, M. M. (2022). Building on Linguistic Strengths: Tenets of a Culturally Sustaining Teacher. The Reading Teacher, 75(6), 677-684.


Main Points:

Implication/ Applications:


Favorite Quotes:


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