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Incident Management System | Health & Medical homework help

A manager of an emergency response team is responsible for emergency management services and resources. Their duties include routinely planning for responses to incidents that require communication with law enforcement agencies at multiple levels. For a city to host sizeable events, it needs to establish working relationships between agencies to execute incident response plans successfully.

Emergency management is not the sole responsibility of one individual government or private organization. The federal government and each state, along with its different counties and cities, share the responsibility for planning, managing, and responding to disaster events within their jurisdictions. Private sector organizations also play a vital role in augmenting government agencies during disaster recovery. When these organizations come together to manage an emergency, a standard is required to ensure that each organization works effectively with the others and has a shared understanding of key terms and response options for managing incidents effectively. FEMA established the National Incident Management System (NIMS) to standardize how personnel from multiple agencies plan and work together during and following an emergency incident.


A city in your state of residence is planning to host a concert that is expected to bring in several thousand people for the event. City planners will be managing the security and emergency services during the concert and will be meeting with the other agencies involved to finalize the plan for the event. Before they do, they have asked local agencies to present their plans for responding to different incidents that may occur. As the manager at your agency, you have been tasked with presenting information on a specific type of incident for the city to consider during their emergency management preparations.


Review the FEMA EMI Course IS-700B: An Introduction to The National Incident Management System (NIMS) from Week 1 to become familiar with NIMS concepts, principles, and components.

Select a real city in your state that might host such an event. You may select a real or fictitious concert to use as an example, or you may focus on planning for a general concert situation.

Select an example of an incident likely to occur during the concert. Choose an incident with a realistic risk level that justifies having a city-level emergency response plan ready. Research standard procedures for responding to this kind of emergency incident.

Examples of realistic incidents include fights or riots, crowd surges or stampedes, active shooters or terrorist attacks, bomb threats or detonations, or fire or structural failures.

Select a real or fictitious agency that would be responsible for handling the type of incident you selected. Research the protocols that such an agency is likely to follow in this situation.

Assessment Deliverable

Prepare a plan for responding to the type of incident you selected as if you were presenting to the city’s emergency service planners who will be managing the security and emergency services for the concert.

Using information from your research, create a 10- to 12-slide presentation as if you were an agency’s emergency planning manager explaining the relationships between governmental organizations using effective emergency management to respond to an incident that might occur during an event.

Include the following in your analysis of the relationships between emergency management agencies responding to an incident at a large event such as a concert:

Summarize the details of the example situation and incident that you selected. Identify the government agencies involved in managing emergency services for such an incident during this kind of event.

Explain how the government agencies plan to work together during the event if the incident should occur. Include the chain of command and standard policies and procedures used to manage this kind of incident.

Describe how the government agencies plan to communicate with each other during the emergency. Summarize the roles and responsibilities of each agency that would be involved in this kind of incident.

Identify the required FEMA training agencies may need to be ready to facilitate effective emergency response and communication during the event. Explain how management, communication, and collaboration between agencies during the incident align with the guidelines in the National Response Framework.

Cite at least 2 scholarly sources in your presentation as evidence to support your explanation.

Formatting Requirements

Download and review the Presentation Template Example. This example has been customized to reflect your summative assessment presentation components and will help you get a better idea of how to organize your presentation so you can focus on the slide content. Inputting your content into this presentation template is optional; you can use presentation software and design layouts of your choice to customize your presentation’s appearance (i.e., color, images, and font). However, ensure you have faculty member approval in advance to use other software.

Whether you use the presentation template example or another template of your choice, include the following slides and topics in your presentation:

1 – Title
2 – Introduction 3 – Example Scenario and Agencies Involved4 – Relationships Between Government Agencies5 – Interagency Communication Plan6 – Roles and Responsibilities of Agencies7 – Required Training for Effective Emergency Response8 – Alignment with the National Response Framework9 – Conclusion 10 – References
Presentation Recording Link (if recording using video software)

Format citations and references for any sources and images according to APA guidelines. Include citations either within the slide’s content or in the speaker notes on the slide where they are mentioned. Use the references slide to list your references.

Record yourself delivering the presentation either by:

Recording narrations within the presentation slides without appearing on screen: If you record narrations for each slide within the presentation software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, you do not need to record a video.

Recording a video or screencast of yourself delivering the presentation: If you record a video of yourself delivering the presentation, either by appearing on screen or by recording a voiceover, paste the link to your completed video on the Presentation Recording Link slide at the end of your presentation.

For either format, ensure that slides are visible and your voice is heard clearly. Contact your faculty member for alternate deliverable formats if you need accommodations.

Submit your assessment.

Assessment Support

Review the rubric for guidance on deliverable expectations.

Review the National Incident Management System (NIMS) resources available on the National Response Framework (NRF) guidelines for responding to emergencies.

Access relevant disaster information for your location using FEMA’s Search Your Location tool for General Disaster Information.

Access the resources for Video Presentation Assignments to learn how to create a presentation and record a video of yourself delivering it.


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